2013 Best Indie Book Award Winners

The wait is finally over, and the winners are announced.  Running a contest is very expensive and time consuming.  Our contest, however, was very well managed and very well organized.  The first annual Best Indie Book Award contest went off without a hitch.   We appreciate all the wonderful entries we received.  Judging was tough, and there was much debate in several categories regarding the winners and their books.  We had plenty of entries in all categories, and when it came to the finalists, the judges had their work cut out for them.  We saw some really strong writing and great storylines.  Excellent job authors!

The following is a list of the winners in their respective categories.

Action Category 2013 Winner

The Tesla Secret

by Alex Lukeman (Review)

Honorable Mention:

Document 512

by Thomas Lopinski (Review)

Mainstream Category 2013 Winner


by Daniel A. Smith (Review)

Honorable Mention:

Life’s What Happens

by Bob Kat

Children’s Category 2013 Winner

The Protector of Central Park

by J.T. Brewer (Review)

Honorable Mention:

The Whyz Guy

by Chris Cianciulli

Nonfiction Category 2013 Winner

The Littlest Angel

by Heidi Chandler (Review)

Honorable Mention:

Oby’s Wisdom, A Caveman’s Simple Guide To Holistic Health And Wellness

by Dr. Mark William Cochran (Review)

Mystery/Suspense Category 2013 Winner

After Midnight

by Kathy Clark (Review)

Honorable Mention:


by Raeder Lomax (Review)

Science Fiction/Fantasy Category 2013 Winner

Of Thieves and Elves

by A. P. Stephens (Review)

Honorable Mention:


by D. H. Nevins (Review)

Romance Category 2013 Winner

Love Comes Later

by Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar (Review)

Honorable Mention:

The Haunting of Wolfe Haven

by Debbie A. Heaton (Review)

Young Adult 2013 Winner


by Bob Kat (Review)

Honorable Mention:

No Honorable Mention was selected in this category.

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