2014 Best Indie Book Award Winners

Best Indie Book Award 2014Congratulations to the BIB 2014 winners!  We had an exceptional turn-out this year, which made judging very tough.  Despite the difficulty in choosing winners among these fantastic authors, we are happy to see Indie authors becoming so skilled in their craft.  One category was a little weaker than we expected, and we had to judge the category based on the most engaging storyline.  Our judges were really happy with what they got to read, and several books are still being talked about.  Always a good thing for an author!

Some books had really fantastic hooks in the beginning, and most had very engaging storylines with some interesting plots and solid writing throughout.  The entries were very good and the judging was very intense.  Well done!

Gamesmanship by David D Williams was one of the most talked about novels to enter the contest.  And Warren Bell, author of Fall Eagle One, reminded many of the judges of some very old school saga novels in the manner of James Clavell and James Michener, which is darn good company to keep, if you ask us.  For Those In Peril On The Sea, by Colin M Drysdale had some nice praise from one judge in particular.  And Bean Camp To Briar Patch by John N Powers had us all “ohing” and sometimes crying and feeling very small in the universe at times.  Kathy Clark brought it home for us in the Romance category with Due Dates.  We are proud to hand out awards to these great authors.

The following is a list of the winners in their respective categories.

Action/Adventure Category 2014 Winner

Fall Eagle One

by Warren Bell

Mainstream Category 2014 Winner

Status Quo

by Henry Mosquera

Children’s Category 2014 Winner

Corr Syl The Warrior

by Garry Rogers

Non-fiction Category 2014 Winner

Bean Camp To Briar Patch

by John N Powers

Mystery/Suspense Category 2014 Winner


by David D Williams

Science Fiction/Fantasy Category 2014 Winner

A New Dawn

by Ann H Barlow

Romance Category 2014 Winner

Due Dates

by Kathy Clark

Young Adult 2014 Winner


by Bob Kat

Horror 2014 Winner

For Those In Peril On The Sea

by Colin M Drysdale

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