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Over 70 Independent Authors, Illustrators, and Cover Designers Honored With a BIBA

Hendersonville, NC (PRUnderground) December 17th, 2021

Television and film screenwriter, producer and director, J Michael Straczynski is among those named as a 2021 BIBA recipient.

Best Indie Book Award Announces 2021 Winners 1

Over 70 authors, illustrators, and cover designers have been named as the winners of the 2021 Best Indie Book Awards. The BIBA’s, as it is referred to by many, is an international literary award now in its 10th year. Each winner will receive a custom trophy, their name, and book listed on the BIBA website and promotion throughout the year.

Since the dawn of the written word, writers have played a major role in society. During hard times, they have provided a lifeline to many around the globe. Best Indie Book Award works to give recognition to outstanding independent authors.

According to BIBA’s coordinator Cassandra, “For centuries, to their eager readers, storytellers have provided joy, laughter, tears, rapture, and every emotion under the sun, not least of which is the greatest gift storytellers give us in the form of escapism.  When writers sit down to collect all those ideas in their head and form them into a book, they probably don’t realize that they could change someone’s life, give someone hope, or make someone laugh. Through plague, through wars, through all kinds of global catastrophes, storytellers have offered people a moment to stop thinking about the world around them and instead to become immersed in the world of their creation.  If only momentarily, storytellers lift people out of tragedy, take us to other places, show us humanity.  Throughout these discouraging months, authors have channeled their abilities into new books all along the way.  Escapism became a lifeline for so many people across the globe.  Their efforts, their creativity are a gift to the world.”

And the 2021 Best Indie Book Awards go to:


There Be Monsters

Dylan James Quarles


If You Could Ask Your Dog One Question

Kim Messina

Children’s Middle Grade/Tween

Sheltered: When A Boy Becomes A Legend

Jacob Paul Patchen

Young Adult: Superhero Action


Jaime Castle & CJ Valin

Young Adult

All The Things We Didn’t See

D. A. Reed


Scales of Ash and Smoke

Emily Schneider

Christmas Fantasy Fiction

The Present

Geanna Culbertson

Historical Fiction


Kate Reynolds


Get Idiota

Nate Granzow

LGBTQ Coming Of Age

Dancing To The Lyrics

Dwayne A Ratleff

LGBTQ2 Non-Fiction

Awakening The Light Warrior Within

David James Di Pardo

General Fiction


Peter Selgin

Mystery/Cozy Mystery

The Drop-Dead Temple Of Doom

Heather Haven


Webb Wilder: Mole Men & The Doll

Shane Caldwell & Steve Boyle


Goddess Of Everything

Paul DeBlassie III


Golden Light

Anne MacReynold

Poetry Collection

Notes On The Train

Loreen de Kort

Contemporary Romance

Chasing Hope

Dana Wayne

Historical Romance

The Boxer And The Blacksmith

Edie Cay

Short Story Collection

Pearl City

Simon Rowe


The Perpetual Now

Jerome J Bourgault

Science-Fiction Action


B T Keaton


The Chameleon

Ron McManus

Christian: Non-Fiction

Lessons From The Apostles

Glen A. Blanscet

Christian Non-Fiction: Financial Wisdom

Fight For It Financial

Nate James

Christian Self-Help

You Are Enough

Jonathan Puddle

Christian: Health and Diet

Healthy Eating, God’s Way

Cathy Morenzie


Six Women In A Cell

Diana Tokaji


Live Like Sean

T J Nelligan

Non-Fiction: Acting

Monologues For Adults

Mike Kimmel

Non-Fiction: Aging and Gerontology

The Inner Work Of Age

Connie Zweig, PhD

Non-Fiction: Biography

The Brink of Freedom

Davan Yahya Khalil


Ruminations On A Parrot Named Cosmo

Betty Jean Craige

Non-Fiction: Business

Ramping Your Brand

James F. Richardson PhD

Non-Fiction: Career/Management/Leadership

The Career Toolkit

Mark A. Herschberg

Non-Fiction: First Job Career Advice

Hello, Career

Ed Bray

Non-Fiction: Women In Business

The Adventures Of Women In Tech

Alana Karen

Non-Fiction: Dog Training

Nose To Tail Workbook

Louise Harding

Non-Fiction: Dementia Caregiving

Life-Giving Dementia Care

Toni Kanzler

Non-Fiction: Cookbook

One Loaf At A Time

C J Katz

Non-Fiction: Grieving And Bereavement

Harnessing The Power Of Grief

Julie Potter

Non-Fiction: Health

In The Time Of Covid

Paul Rosengren and Adam Jarrett MD

Non-Fiction: Health/Cognitive Impairment

I Want My Mind Back

Tony Dearing

Non-Fiction: Military History

The Party Dolls

George Hayward

Non-Fiction: SocioEconomic History

The Economic Condition of Black America in the Twentieth Century

Germinal G Van

Non-Fiction: How-To

FPV Flight Dynamics

Christian M Mollica

Non-Fiction: Ichthyology

The Bichir Handbook

Joshua Pickett

Non-Fiction: Inspirational/Motivational

Butterflies In The Trenches

Curtis Carmichael

Non-Fiction: Inspirational/Motivational

You Are Enough

Charlene Wheeless

Non-Fiction: Memoir

Remembering Shanghai

Isabel Sun Chao and Claire Chao

Non-Fiction: Mental Health Memoir

Safe, Wanted, and Loved

Patrick Dylan

Non-Fiction: Substance Abuse Recovery Memoir

The Unfair Advantage

John Robert Eddy

Non-Fiction: New Age/Mysticism

Bhakti: Journey Of Soul Discovery

Jennifer Duke

Non-Fiction: Parenting

Raising Kids Who Care

Susy Lee

Non-Fiction: Religion/Spiritual

From Their Lips

V K McCarty

Non-Fiction: Self Help


Melissa Ambrosini

Non-Fiction: Self Help

Women, We’re Only Old Once

Bertha D Cooper

Non-Fiction: Theology

A Theology For The Rest Of Us

Arthur Yavelberg

Non-Fiction: Travel/Photography

Photographing Iceland

James Rushforth

 Non-Fiction: Living Abroad

The Overseas Fabulous Pinay

Donna Avellana Kunzler

Non-Fiction: Women’s Inspirational Gift Book

A Letter To Our Daughters

Jodi L Leffingwell

Non-Fiction: Writing

Becoming A Writer, Staying A Writer

J Michael Straczynski

Children’s Book Cover

Makeda: The Queen of Sheba

Author: Marlon McKenney

Cover: Marlon McKenney

Children’s Book Cover

Help Me Hide This Giraffe

Author: Brian Donnelly

Cover: Jeff Solway

Book Cover

The Gatekeeper’s Descendants

Author: Johanna Frank
Cover Designer: Damonza

Illustrations: Graphic Novel


Author: Michael Molinet

Illustrator: Michael Molinet


The Bichir Handbook

Author: Joshua Pickett

Illustrator: Dorian Noël

Children’s Illustrations

Unwind. Up, Up, And Away

Author: Christopher Gates

Illustrator: Javier Gimenez Ratti

Children’s Illustrations: Cartoon Funny

Help Me Hide This Giraffe

Author: Brian Donnelly

Illustrator: Jeff Solway

Children’s Illustrations: Classic

You Got This

Author: Wanda Roush

Illustrator: Nataly Simmons

Children’s Illustrations: Whimsical/Stylized

Theodore And The Cat With The Missing Sock

Author: Cory Q Tan

Illustrator: Cory Q Tan

“With millions of books being published every year, it’s easy for an author to drown in a sea of electronic pulp. Winning an award for a book can go a long way when it comes to visibility and credibility as an author. Best Indie Book Award helps authors reach a broader audience, and readers can be confident in their purchase when they choose an award-winning book.”

2021 Best Indie Book Award Contest Submissions

Submissions are now open for the 2022 Best Indie Book Contest, 2022 Best Illustration Contest, and the 2022 Best Book Cover Design Contest. Entries are accepted online at

About Best Indie Book Award

The annual Best Indie Book Award (or BIBA) is an international literary award contest recognizing independent authors. BIBA is a legitimate writing competition. Entrants compete against other book entries. Entries are limited to independently (indie) published books, including those from small presses, e-book publishers, and self-published authors. Submissions are accepted from around the globe, but the books must be written in English.

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