How To Enter Indie Book Awards
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What Are The BIBAs?

The annual Best Indie Book Award® (or BIBA®) is an international literary contest recognizing outstanding achievements by indie authors. Entries are limited to independently (indie) published books, including those from small presses, e-book publishers, and self-published authors.  All submissions must be written in English.

What Genres Do We Accept?

Literary Categories To Be Judged:

  1. Romance
  2. Science-Fiction
  3. Fantasy/Paranormal/Supernatural
  4. Action/Adventure
  5. Mystery/Cozy Mystery
  6. Suspense/Thriller
  7. Young Adult
  8. Mainstream/Non-Genre/Literary Fiction
  9. Short Story Collection/Poetry Collection
  10. Children
  11. Children’s Middle Grade
  12. Historical Fiction
  13. Humor/Satire
  14. LGBTQ2
  15. Other Fiction
  16. Christian (Fiction/Non-Fiction)
  17. Non-Fiction
  18. Non-Fiction> Memoir
  19. Non-Fiction> Biography
  20. Non-Fiction> Self Help/Health
  21. Non-Fiction> Inspirational/Motivational
  22. Non-Fiction> New Age/Metaphysical/Visionary
  23. Non-Fiction> Religion/Spiritual
  24. Non-Fiction> Business/Investing/Marketing
  25. Non-Fiction> Cooking/Crafting/How-To
  26. Non-Fiction> Travel

How Do I Enter My Book?

Entering your book in the Best Indie Book Award contest is easy. Entries are accepted by filling out an online form, uploading your book file (or sending it by email), and completing the payment process.

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