🏆 2023 BIBA® Children's Winner! (5-12)

Around The World with Moby: My First Trip

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🏆 2023 BIBA® Children’s Winner! (5-12)

Around the World with Moby is about an awesome 8-year-old-boy with autism who suffers from travel anxiety. Moby is always scared to explore new things or go on a vacation. His parents were concerned that Moby is missing out on many new learning experiences as he likes to just stay at home and repeat the same schedule every single day. So, they decide to take him out on a short vacation to Minneapolis, Minnesota. A trip that includes a 3-hour flight, a hotel-stay and exploring the city of Minneapolis.The parents prepared for his trips by implementing helpful tools to cope with his fear and anxiety.

Muzna Kazim is an award-winning author from San Diego, California. Prior to fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming an author, Muzna received her bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery from Pakistan in 2008 and then acquired her master’s in Public Health from National University, San Diego, California in 2016. She majored in Health Promotion with a comprehensive research study in autism spectrum which has profoundly helped her in writing autism stories. She also worked as a Behavior Interventionist for kids on the spectrum. Muzna feels passionate about autism and advocates inclusivity and equal opportunities for kids on the spectrum. She believes that by tailoring our way of teaching, we can help them Learn, Leap, and Grow.

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