Bean Camp To Briar Patch

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Bean Camp to Briar Patch details life of American POWs during the Korean and Vietnam wars. Conditions in the camps are explained along with how the POWs coped with those conditions. Maps are included and for some camps names of the men (and women) held there are listed. Detailed histories of each of the main camps from both wars are given. Almost half of the POWs died from cold and starvation the first winter in Korea. The dead were stripped of clothing so the living could stay warm. Men were so weak they died while digging in the frozen ground to bury their buddies. In Vietnam the POWs endured extreme isolation. Some went years without seeing another American face to face. They were tortured to the point death was near, then were revived to be tortured again. They had to compete with the rats for their food. Americans know nothing about our POWs in Korea. Some recognize the name of the Hanoi Hilton from Vietnam, but know almost nothing about what happened to the men held there. This book will change that.  By trying to understand what they endured we honor those who sacrificed so much. We have too long ignored this debt.

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