🏆 2020 BIBA® WWII Fallen Soldiers Winner!

Brothers In Arms

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🏆 2020 BIBA® Non-Fiction: WWII Fallen Soldiers Winner! –

Featuring over 700 historic photographs and other original artifacts, Brothers in Arms tells the stories of brothers buried side by side in American World War II cemeteries overseas.

Fourteen of these noble cemeteries are spread around the world, holding the remains of over 90,000 fallen Americans and listing another 80,000 missing. All made the ultimate sacrifice so that others might live in peace and freedom.

These sacred burial grounds are kept in meticulous care by the American Battle Monuments Commission. Any visitor is struck by the endless rows of white burial markers, fallen heroes resting far from their homes but among their comrades and often near the battlefields where they fell.

Walking among the gravestones, it is especially heart-rending to come across two burial markers with the same last name, two brothers—in one case three—buried side by side. With memories and materials collected from the families who lost their brave brothers, Brothers in Arms puts a face and a story to those names carved in white marble.

From North Africa to Europe to the Pacific, Brothers in Arms takes the reader on a journey—of the war, of America in the first half of the 20th century, and of these solemn resting places—all through the stories of these heroic brothers.

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