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Kelly Welch’s sixteenth summer was supposed to be the best ever. Long, lazy days with her friends and her horse in Texas. But her life changes in an instant.

Her unexpected move to Fort Myers Beach, Florida leaves her lonely and frightened. Living with a workaholic aunt she barely knows and looking to start a school where she’s the new girl makes her anxious and unhappy.

Until she meets Scott. He is smart and nerdy, sort of like her, and they hit it off right away. His best friend, handsome, athletic Austin joins them on a surprise adventure back to the past and adds an unexpected complication.

The summer that began so badly becomes the most exciting and dangerous one of her life when she is faced with the dilemma of risking her own life to save someone she doesn’t even know. Is she brave enough to risk it all…especially now that she’s felt the first promise of love?

The TIME SHIFTERS series has won numerous awards and is written by USA Today and New York Times Best Selling Author Kathy Clark under the pen name of Bob Kat.

Praise for
Change The Past

“The friendship, budding romance, family and mystery are woven in a correct mix and helps you get involved with the characters more. Relatable characters, less relatable plot, sweet romance and interesting mystery – Just read it!” BooksAreMagic

“Author Bob Kat has employed various elements like mystery, adventure, science and budding romance in his fiction which makes it a sensational read.” Sporty Neha

“I simply love books for young adults. (Patterson’s Maximum Ride series, Rowling’s Harry Potter series.) This book has fresh realistic characters whom I cared about immediately.” Linda

Austin Burke lives for football. He’s the star quarterback at South Beach High School with the bright future in college and maybe professional football. He isn’t looking for a girlfriend, but then he meets Kelly. She’s brave and funny and can beat him at their favorite video game.

When Austin and Kelly get together with their friends Scott and Zoey for a fun day at the beach on what they think is a deserted island, it goes wrong from the very beginning. They are surprised to find a group of people led by a very frightening man. As they try to find a way off the island, Austin discovers his attraction for Kelly, but he thinks she and Scott are a couple, and he won’t do anything to hurt his best friend.

But then they are attacked by a crazed criminal who is determined to leave no survivors. The teens must work together, and Austin takes charge to attempt to bring them home safely.

Zoey Chandler is popular, beautiful, and rich. Her most important achievement is that she is on the cheer squad. That is, until she accidentally is swept along on a crazy adventure with Austin, Kelly, and Scott.

If they can save him, how can Zoey make the difficult decision of whether to give up the life she knows and loves for a boy in a different time who has stolen her heart?

Kelly and Austin are left alone while everyone else is on vacation trips with their families. They celebrate the Fourth of July together and grow closer than ever.

As they face their first defeat, they are caught by surprise when the same danger that takes Emma also threatens the teens when one of their own is captured in a killer’s web. Will they be able to save Emma? Or will they join her as permanent guests in the ghostly halls of The Stanley Hotel?

You don’t have to believe in ghosts…until you meet one.


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