🏆 2023 BIBA® Crime Thriller Winner!

Chasing Money: A Marty and Bo Thriller

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🏆 2023 BIBA® Crime Thriller Winner!

Most investor pitch meetings don’t end in murder – but then Marty and Bo haven’t had a lot of luck lately. They’ve been struggling to keep their startup business alive. It’s not high-tech, it’s not highly successful and the pressure to find capital has strained their bank accounts and Marty’s marriage.

So when Nico Scava offered to invest they eagerly accepted. He had money, connections in the art world, and a creative idea, but maybe they should have asked more questions. Now Nico’s dead and they’re on the hook for whatever scheme he was running. The Russian mob is after them, and if they don’t find $10 million and a mysterious missing painting in the next few days they’ll be dead too.

Their frantic chase will lead them from a cabin in the Oregon woods to a Portland strip club, from an aging artist to a bogus baron, and deep into the history of a missing masterpiece that someone is willing to kill to obtain. As the bodies pile up, Marty and Bo will have some tough choices to make about how far they’ll go to protect their families, their company, and themselves.

Known as a talented and witty storyteller, Michael Balter has captivated audiences for years with tales of his extraordinary life as a German emigrant, a Vietnam War air traffic controller, a Silicon Valley pioneer, and a serial entrepreneur. One of his business partners was once kidnapped by a Russian mobster, which inspired a portion of the plot of Chasing Money, the first book in his Marty and Bo thriller series.

Michael lived in Oregon for 29 years and now makes his home in Charlevoix, Michigan, where he is hard at work on the sequel to Chasing Money.

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