Cold Energy

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Sudden freezing temperatures cause weather patterns to change for the worse and threaten a catastrophe that will affect the entire world. As various government agencies struggle to find a solution, they all converge on a single man: Alex Cave, a professor of geophysics.

In a desperate attempt to remedy the situation before civilization faces ecological disaster, Alex leads a small band of volunteers onboard a high-tech research vessel named the Mystic, but members of the group have their own agenda, seeking wealth and fame through murder and seduction. Captain John Dieter’s greed blinds him to the suffering caused by the disastrous weather conditions, and he enlists the help of modern day pirates to capture the Mystic, which is the only ship capable of saving humanity from extinction. Dieter takes the Mystic to an unknown island in the Bering Sea in search of hidden treasure and discovers an alien artifact of incredible power. The device is causing the oceans to freeze and the planet will be engulfed in a mile-thick layer of ice in a matter of weeks.

While Alex is trying to shut down the artifact, things go horribly wrong. The device is stolen and taken to COBRA, a privately owned top-secret research facility south of Yellowstone National Park, but their tests begin creating adverse effects throughout the park.

Alex thought he would never find another soulmate until he meets Fala, a Native American woman living in northwest Wyoming with her 10-year old daughter, Halona. When the COBRA experiment initiates a super volcanic eruption, Alex watches in horror as Fala and Halona are killed by the blast, sending him into a deep depression. He is given a chance to go back in time to try to change the outcome, but there is a catch. He will not remember what he needs to do.

How can Alex find a way to save his family and civilization from extinction?

James M. Corkill with his BIBA Award

James M. Corkill with his BIBA Award.

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