🏆 2020 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Cooking Winner!

Cooking With Marika

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🏆 2020 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Cooking Winner! –

COOKING WITH MARIKA is a cookbook and nutrition guide in one. Integrating the wisdom of Eastern philosophies with the knowledge of Western science, Marika gently guides the reader to a deeper understanding of how food affects our entire being. She teaches us how to strengthen immunity, restore and maintain a healthy digestive tract, prevent inflammation and lose weight—without counting calories, dieting or deprivation.

With new fad diets cropping up all the time, Marika’s book is a welcome antidote to all the conflicting messages out there. It steers away from extremes and brings us back to the natural goodness and simplicity of homemade foods, ingredients courtesy of Mother Earth. White sugar, white flour and questionable oils do not appear on any ingredients list in this book.

COOKING WITH MARIKA does not promote any strict rules or regulations. Instead, it encourages readers to practice more awareness when they shop for, prepare and eat their meals. With heightened awareness comes more pleasure, more appreciation and more satisfaction with the food we eat and lives we lead.

Each recipe is based on just a few lovable ingredients. No complicated cooking techniques are required to allow their natural deliciousness to shine. Gorgeous, sensuous full-paged photographs by Hele-Mai Alamaa inspire us to start cooking right away.

Find recipes for

• luxurious weekend breakfasts
• velvety smoothies
• grounding grains
• revitalizing lacto-fermented vegetables
• energizing leafy greens
• nourishing legumes
• hearty sourdough breads
• and delectable cakes made with alternative flours

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