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Due Dates

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Killeen Ames is an overachiever. Beautiful, smart, athletic, and living with the star quarterback of the ASU team, she has it all.

Then, in the blink of an eye, her world implodes. Her boyfriend graduates and leaves her alone and pregnant which also puts her full-ride scholarship in jeopardy and leaves her homeless.

An unlikely inheritance gives Killeen a do-over and the freedom to choose her next step and what she wants to do about the baby. But the new life comes with a man she can’t resist who doesn’t know the dark secrets of her past. She realizes what’s truly important when she has to make a life or death decision.

Praise for
Due Dates

“Superb book! The premise is one I’ve not experienced previously, and it is so very well handled. Each of Roger’s children is his/her own person … no duplication of personalities to make the reader say, “Ho hum, seen that before.” The pace is excellent, and the heat between Christopher and Killeen is very well depicted … the tension is palpable, their feelings for each other and their growing passion simply sparkles.” Western Reader

“I liked how it was modern but still had a fairy tale twist to it. I mean it’s not like someone shows up every day and says I found your long lost relative and they left you a ton of money. What intrigued and impressed me the most was the impact of the words it made the story more real to me. The first paragraph of the book drew me in.” Bookworm

“I love a good who done it and I always look for clues as I’m reading, and I was so sure I had caught who the killer was, I was wrong and that does not happen often, well done Kathy. This book is a real rollercoaster, it’s fast paced and action packed, it had me close to tears a few times.” LizStephenson

Kathy Clark

Kathy Clark

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