🏆 2023 BIBA® Contemporary Romance Winner!

Fun Lessons

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🏆 2023 BIBA® Contemporary Romance Winner!

Rebecca Chapman, a singer passionate about her craft, has never felt appreciated by her uber-professional family. When she’s selected to try out for a new reality singing show, it’s her chance to prove she can make it in the music world. All she has to do is get chosen by the network. Problem is, she needs to play an instrument for the audition in two months. And she can’t play a thing.

Amazingly, the solution seems to lie with Ian Ledger, the ultra-annoying co-worker she’s been at odds with since day one. Turns out Ian’s a skilled guitar player. He’s willing to teach her, but there’s a catch. He wants to win back his girlfriend at his sister’s wedding. And he wants Rebecca to help him.

Seems like a perfect solution. She gets the music lessons needed to secure her spot on the show; he wins back the girl destined to be his bride. Easy peasy. Except, during the series of ridiculous “fun” lessons and hours of arduous music practice, Rebecca’s feelings for Ian shift.

As the wedding nears, Rebecca doesn’t want Ian to succeed in his quest for love. But a deal is a deal. They both have dreams to chase. And a dream come true is everything.

Leanne Treese is an award-winning author of women’s fiction and romance. Her books have been described as funny, touching, sensitive, and raw. When she’s not writing, Leanne loves running, forcing her family to play board games (Settlers of Catan anyone?), and spoiling her beloved dogs. Leanne’s favorite locations include her backyard, the Jersey shore, and anywhere that sells books or coffee, preferably both. A lifelong learner, Leanne’s dream life would include going back to college and majoring in everything.

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