🏆 2020 BIBA® Alternative Medicine Winner!

Healing: Beyond Pills And Potions

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🏆 2020 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Alternative Medicine Winner! –

HEALING–Beyond Pills & Potions draws on Dr. Steve Bierman’s 40 years of experience in Emergency and Family Medicine, and medical hypnosis, to restore MIND to medicine and Humanism to healing. Dr. Bierman explores every aspect of what he calls Artful Caregiving, teaching how words matter–how mind matters. In simple digestible steps he instructs clinicians how to deliver information honestly while instilling hope and a sense of alliance. Beyond that, he restructures the medical paradigm, explaining what lies behind the causes and cures of illnesses–including cancer, autoimmunity and other dire diagnoses. In the course of this grand reveal, Dr. Bierman solves the mysteries of placebo and nocebo, ritual and hypnosis. This is a book every patient should read once, and every caregiver should read once a year. An extraordinary, paradigm-shifting advance in the field of health and healing.

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