🏆 2023 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Travel/Pilgrimage Winner!

Inner Trek, A Reluctant Pilgrim in the Himalayas

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🏆 2023 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Travel/Pilgrimage Winner!

Embroiled in difficult business dealings, author Rao is convinced by his devout Hindu wife, Mamatha, to vow to Lord Shiva that he will go to sacred sites at Lake Manasa Sarovar and Mount Kailash in Tibet. He gradually acquiesces, and she books the tour. Preparations are paramount: pilgrims of any age might die from the continual cold and extreme altitudes. Crossing into Tibet on a narrow, swaying suspension bridge is the first taste of challenge, followed by cramped sleeping quarters shared with fellow pilgrims and no toilets or hot water. The couple bathes ritually in the beautiful blue, icy Manasa, a prelude for deeper spiritual connectivity that will infuse Rao’s mind and heart as he and Mamatha hike the entire circumference of Kailash that rises out of the rocky landscape like a divinely formed pyramid. By the end of their adventure, Rao expresses that he has “surrendered to a higher intelligence.”

Mohan Ranga Rao

Mohan Ranga Rao is a prominent industrialist, blogger, and philanthropist. An MBA and engineering graduate, Mr. Ranga Rao has been instrumental in the launch of several successful businesses across Karnataka, India.

His first book, “Inner Trek, A Reluctant Pilgrim in the Himalayas” won the Chanticleer Hearten Grand Prize for the uplifting and inspirational non-fiction category.

The 65-year-old entrepreneur loves trekking, traveling across the world, playing tennis, and treats life like an enterprise.

Tragedy struck him early in life and shattered his belief in anything divine when he lost his blind daughter to cancer when she was 9.

His powerful writings are mostly experiences he gained from his expeditions around the globe, philosophical analysis of some of the most prevalent and pertinent issues of every common man, and a mirror to how he handled the most difficult challenges in his life.

He is working on his second book Myopia through which he hopes to reach out to parents of children with disabilities, entrepreneurs facing challenges, and family businesses.

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