🏆 2023 BIBA® Cyberpunk Winner!

Into The BeanStalk

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🏆 2023 BIBA® Cyberpunk Winner!

A corrupt megacity. A broken world. A girl who can no longer afford to hide from her past.

Jack is a techie and long-time shut-in, driven to save her father from corporate servitude. That means getting her hands on scrip, and lots of it. Going into debt with the most violent bikers in Hope Megacity will get her the cybernetic limbs she needs to overcome her disabilities, but that’s only the beginning.

A vicious betrayal, a lethal cyberattack, and some broken neural hardware has Jack seeing things — namely a huge column of light climbing all the way to the Global Corporations’ city in the clouds. She’ll need to join up with the city’s most notorious hacker to find out what the elite are hiding from the millions of people living under their feet.

J. Paul spent over fifteen years as a copywriter and marketing creative who specialized in telling stories, a career that led to a somewhat unorthodox honing of his craft. As a freelancer, he’s worked on multiple screenplays, ghostwritten over a dozen books, and created content for some of the largest tech companies in the world.

J. Paul enjoys HEMA (historical fencing), cRPGs, and technology futurism. His formal education includes marketing, sociology, cybersecurity, graphic/web design, and creative writing.

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