🏆 2022 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Business Management Winner!


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🏆 2022 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Business Management Winner!

In this leadership book, renowned industry analyst Josh Bersin introduces a new way to think about organizational design, employee engagement, and employee development. Distilled from decades of research and management theory into seven practical yet profound management principles, Bersin outlines how business leaders can create enduring companies that thrive with improved customer satisfaction, employee retention, and business agility.

Irresistible businesses grow faster, they’re more profitable, and they innovate and lead their markets. Most importantly, their employees, customers, and stakeholders are drawn to them like magnets.

Leaders have an outsized impact on culture, engagement, and productivity. Irresistible helps leaders at all levels understand how to scale a business through a new organization model—the “network of teams.” Bersin’s model emphasizes that effective companies operate as networks, not hierarchies. When focused leadership empowers small teams, the result is increased speed, agility, and traction—along with a sense of purpose, mission, and clarity of roles.

Leaders of irresistible companies understand that by unleashing the power of the human spirit, their companies can go faster and farther than their competitors by empowering people and creating employee-centric cultures. If you can make your company—large or small—irresistible, your employees will contribute, innovate, and grow more than you thought possible.

Bersin shares eye-opening examples from his consulting work with HR and executive business teams around the world. Each chapter includes tips and discussion questions to bring these organizational behavior lessons to life. Inspiring yet highly pragmatic, this business book is a leader’s handbook for today’s unpredictable business world, where people and culture are more important than ever.

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