🏆 2019 BIBA™ Poetry Winner!


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🏆 2019 BIBA™ Poetry Winner! 

Labyrinth is a collection of poetry that illustrates Black masculinity through lenses of identity, vulnerability, heritage, and resilience. Accompanied by captivating images of the Scottish island of Iona, the anthology uses the theme of pilgrimage to present a lyrical portrait on the Black male experience in America.

“Thank you to the Best Indie Book Awards for this incredible honor. I am humbly proud to have received such an award for my first project. I am especially proud to have received this accolade for a body of work that speaks to experiences of Black men. My intention for ‘Labyrinth’ was to create a space where we as Black men are able to confront our anxieties, acknowledge our fears, and embrace our heritage. To capture the hidden and often overlooked strength in beauty in truth. My hope is that Black boys and men can see themselves as beautifully complicated and affirm their idiosyncrasies as means of changing the world.”

Fernando Rover Jr
Fernando Rover Jr is an author born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He earned a dual BA in English and history from Texas Lutheran University and is currently earning a MA in Communication Studies from Gonzaga University.

His writing interests range from millennial interests, popular culture, Black male experiences, feminism, LGBTQ, and spoken word poetry. His work has appeared in Odyssey, Caged Bird, Buddies!, BlackPressUSA, and San Antonio Observer. In 2019, he released a poetry anthology, ‘Labyrinth’, available on Amazon.

2019 Poetry Winner

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