🏆 2023 BIBA® Literary Fiction Winner!

Life at the Precipice

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🏆 2023 BIBA® Literary Fiction Winner!

In 1959 an earthquake in central Vancouver Island devastated the lakeside community of Pyrite Ridge. The seismic event triggered landslides that isolated the town and killed sixteen people, while a geological phenomenon known as a segue caused the lake to drop an astonishing 150 metres. Perched on the precipice of a yawning abyss and cut off from the world by tons of rubble, Pyrite Ridge became a place of myth and lore. Travis Sivart, an Air Force officer battling PTSD, sets out to investigate the town, now known as The Segway. There he finds a host of delightfully eccentric characters, each with their own fascinating story of how they came to The Segway. During his week-long stay in the extraordinary town, Travis uncovers a perplexing connection between the source of his trauma and the tragic earthquake that struck the region forty-four years earlier. The stunning link between the past and present forces Travis to face his inner demons.

Life at the Precipice seamlessly blends fact, fiction, and popular science in a unique combination of drama and humour that will captivate readers.

Award-winning author, R.F. (Ron) Vincent, PhD, is a professor of Physics and Space Science at the Royal Military College of Canada. In a previous career he flew as an Air Navigator on the CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft out of Comox, British Columbia. In addition to scientific papers dealing with Arctic climate change, Dr. Vincent has published two other works of fiction: a quirky fantasy novel, “The Curious Mr. Pennyworth”, and an award-winning short story, “Men in Red Shirts Have Souls, Too” (Tall Tales and Short Stories, Vol. II). He lives in Kingston, Ontario with his wife, JoAnne.

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