🏆 2023 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Acting Winner!

MAKING CHOICES for the SUCCESSFUL ACTOR: The Actor’s Preparation Guide to Creative Character Development

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🏆 2023 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Acting Winner!

In Making Choices for the Successful Actor, premier acting teacher, legendary director, producer, and coach, Price Hall, reveals his cutting-edge technique, which has enabled many actors (the likes of Malcolm McDowell, Luke Goss, Bryan Batt, Kate Orsini, Hani Furstenberg, Thomas Francis Murphy, Christopher Emerson, Phillip Fornah, and Jay Caputo) to further their successful acting careers in Hollywood.

This interactive success guide will teach actors, both professional and aspiring, the What and How to bring that most desirous of qualities to their work: PRESENCE. Directors and casting directors love PRESENCE, the camera eats it up, and the audiences will keep coming back for more.


  • HOW the actor makes powerful CHOICES for the Character which continually drive them forward with zero self consciousness
  • To discover what real relationship is, what it feels like, between you and the other Characters
  • The importance of understanding the situation and How to change it simply by MAKING a different CHOICE
  • How, with your wonderful imagination, visualizing the PLACE, TIME and specifically WHO you are interacting with is the true KEY to PRESENCE
  • How Choosing a NEED TO BE SATISFIED ONLY through the other character has you ACT and BE POWERFUl.
  • How, with a CHOICE in mind of a NEED TO BE SATISFIED, any obstacle, be it internal or external, can be overcome. This kind of confidence creates POWERFUL ACTORS.

Price Hall’s technique is the leading edge of acting for the twenty-first century. This Guide provides a clear, simple and specific Handle that the actor can use any and every time their PRESENCE is required MAKING CHOICES is the doorway to the Power of the Actor.

The curriculum provided in this acting guide book is packed with exercises that train you how to connect un-self consciously with your inner pain and emotions , and to use these experiences, or let them use you, to satisfy the need in any acting situation. These acting techniques and training tools are a Handle which will allow the actor to understand quickly, on a deep and intimate level, the art of the human being as actor both in classic and contemporary material.

In fact, this actors’ guide book is a Handle that’s flexible enough to apply to any role, helping actors to create characters with truthful and compelling inner lives.

MAKING CHOICES for the successful actor is all about Being Here Now Naturally… always Alive in the Moment.

Price Hall is an entertainment industry veteran of 35-plus years. A premier acting teacher, legendary director, producer, and coach who is known for producing and directing Hollywood movies: Mississippi Murder, Dancing in Twilight, Swing Vote, and Being Rose.

Known as one of the most popular acting coaches from Houston, Texas to Hollywood, Hall’s cutting-edge acting technique has helped famous actors such as Malcolm McDowell, Luke Goss, Bryan Batt, Kate Orsini, Hani Furstenberg, Thomas Francis Murphy, Christopher Emerson, Phillip Fornah, Jay Caputo, Jameshia Bankston, and Joe DeMonico to further their successful acting careers.

Price Hall has founded REPERTORY FILMS and THE NATURAL ACT to teach, coach, and direct actors and coaches in his approach to acting for the camera and MAKING CHOICES, which leads to Acting Naturally.

Hall grew up in the idyllic small Virginia town of Bon Air, across the James River from Richmond. An adventurer from the beginning, his love of photography and exploration led him to visit and work on different continents, which has further expanded his exposure and experience. With over 35 years of experience in coaching actors, coaches, and real people, and directing movies, Price Hall wanted his techniques to reach a wider audience who are seeking to get more out of life by Being Naturally Present in every Moment as actors, coaches or simply as human beings. Hall has therefore released his latest book – MAKING CHOICES for the SUCCESSFUL ACTOR: The Actor’s Preparation Guide to Creative Character Development.

Because Price believes deeply that all good acting is just like Life, he recommends his book to anyone truly interested in a conversation about an approach to Being Alive & Present every moment of their Lives. It is simply about Making A Choice.

Price is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia. He currently lives on the road in his motorhome with his dog/companion, Hamilton (Hammie for short) spreading his MAKING CHOICES philosophy and searching for new actors and coaches, and great stories to develop and put up on the large and small screens.

Watch for the MAKING CHOICES Mobile as it makes its way throughout the country. Who knows… It may be rolling through your town right now. If you see it, come out and say “HI”. And if you’ve got a story to tell, make sure you have it down on a piece of paper. Because you never know…!

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