🏆 2023 BIBA® Children's Winner! (3-6)

Maya Moves to a New Country

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🏆 2023 BIBA® Children’s Winner! (3-6)

Maya lives with her parents in the US where she has lots of friends and enjoys playing with them. One day, Maya’s Dad who serves in the US Navy shares some big news. The family is moving to a new country.

Maya is confused, happy, sad, a little bit scared and really unsure of many things. She must brace herself for the unknown- new places, new faces, new food and even a new language!

Maya learns that in the military, whether you are young or old, we must sometimes leave the life we know for the unknown. And make it work. With support, Maya learns to flourish and thrive in her new country. She writes in journal and resolves to share her story with other military children.

Maya Moves to a New Country is a story of hope, friendship and adventure that aims to instill courage and positive attitude in children and really anyone when you have to embrace change.

Pearl ‘Gifty’ Alimo is an award-winning author, military spouse and educator. Described as a seasoned military spouse, Pearl is also a mother to three wonderful military children. Together with her family, they have lived on different military bases in Japan and throughout the United States.

Pearl works with military children and their families as an early childhood educator and coach.

She enjoys reading to children and coaching childcare professionals to provide quality care for children with parents in uniform.

Pearl also leads a team of career coaches and trainers at Greight Company, LLC.

When Pearl is not working or writing, she is snuggling with her own children and enjoying a good book.

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