🏆 2022 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Motherhood Winner!

Mom Life Versus The Everday Apocalypse

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🏆 2022 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Motherhood Winner!

Does life as a mother feel like an apocalypse waiting to happen?

Do your children churn through clothes like models doing a spring runway show? Are you exhausted by runny noses, crying babies, snack requests, and keeping your offspring alive?

If your answer is yes, then welcome to the club of mothers who are going crazy one fruit snack at a time. In Mom Life Versus the Everyday Apocalypse, author Megan Whitmer shares insights and stories about being a woman during that beautiful part of life. The part that beats us up then gives us a cuddly, slobbery hug.

This book is the perfect escape to the inner workings of a mother who finds the hilarious in everyday disasters, including:

Personal milk production
Dirty laundry
Kissing closets
And much more…

Megan Whitmer uses her nonstop crazy life with five kids to teach lessons fit for a zombie apocalypse, natural disaster, or a super annoying pandemic. She has ensured that you will find that connection you’ve been missing by sharing her stories and advice. If you have a mom, are a mom, or hope to someday be a mom, you need this book in your life!

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