🏆 2021 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Acting Winner!

Monologues For Adults

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🏆 2021 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Acting Winner!

Monologues for Adults is the ultimate volume of family-friendly stage material to help you nail that college drama program audition or professional stage performance. With relatable, real-world topics applicable to adults, these pieces require no costumes or props and discuss ethical questions perfect for deep thinkers to explore.

Need a killer monologue for an audition? Discover a wealth of fresh options in this detailed tome.

Sick of the same scripts being done to death? Looking for a soliloquy relevant to today’s contemporary world? Seeking material with a positive spin? Full voting member of the National Television Academy and Tonight Show sketch comedy performer Mike Kimmel has been writing, acting, and producing for decades. Now he’s here to share a curated collection of sixty of the best comedy and drama monologues.

Monologues for Adults is the creative arts advantage you need in your next live performance. If you like fresh material, optimistic spins, and challenging ideas, you’ll love Mike Kimmel’s definitive new resource.

Mike Kimmel BIBA Winner

Mike Kimmel

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