🏆 2022 BIBA® Children's Winner! (All Ages)

Ms. Ruby and the Gigi Squad

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🏆 2022 BIBA® Children’s Winner! (All Ages)

Miss Ruby and The Gigi Squad is a meaningful and heartwarming look at the power of intergenerational friendships. The book defies stereotypes of age, ability, and capacity and shows how a friendship between Ms. Ruby (an elderly care center resident) and the Gigi Squad (four young children) benefits everyone.

All too often, age segregation has become the norm, but this book highlights the opportunities to bring generations together to share love, support, and encouragement. The book chronicles the relationship of the children and Ms. Ruby, a 93-year-old former WWII Cadet Nurse. The children create special days for their older adult friend to bring her joy and sunshine. The beautiful and colorful illustrations show the many special days the children plan for Ms. Ruby such as birthday and tea parties, trips to middle school musicals, decorating her room for the holidays, and creating her prized BONUS GRANDMA hand-stamped necklace.

The book’s mission is to hopefully encourage children (with parental support) to befriend an older adult who may be lonely. The message of the little things in life mean the most is a valuable lesson the Gigi Squad learns firsthand. The book also includes discussion questions and kindness projects for readers who are inspired to take action in their own communities.

Miss Ruby and the Gigi Squad is a beautiful example of how every age group can benefit from widening our horizons of friendship and shows that true humanity knows no age.

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