🏆 2022 BIBA® Memoir Winner!

Night Goblins

Author: JT Gregory

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🏆 2022 BIBA® Memoir Winner!

‘Someone Please Come Adopt This A**hole!’

So begins the 2016 Craigslist ad that introduced the internet to The Ditch Kitty, a maniacal orange kitten saved from a roadside ditch only to turn his rescuer’s life into a living hell.

The post went viral. And the internet fell in love with the tiny, orange monster. But it would have been impossible at the time for almost anyone to know the story behind the ad.

They couldn’t know about The Kid- the one so desperate to escape his abusive home that he attempted suicide at the age of 10, the one who grew up to be a soldier, because what else is such a directionless kid supposed to do? And they definitely couldn’t know about the drinking. The despair. And how all of it- the PTSD, the alcoholism, and above all his reckless stupidity- would put him behind the wheel of a ticking time bomb and cost the life of a man he never met.

When JT Gregory meets The Ditch Kitty, he’s completely lost- out of prison and out of work, failing to write a book he’ll never finish- and awaiting news on the birth of a child he’s in no way qualified to have. A child that would be so much better off without a screw-up ex-con in her life.

So who’s the real a**hole? And who, in the end, saves whom?

Night Goblins: A Memoir is the striking true story of one man’s trauma, his guilt, and self-loathing- and the tiny, orange night goblin who saved him from it all.

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