🏆 2022 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Inspirational Winner!

One Hug At A Time

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🏆 2022 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Inspirational Winner!

One Hug at a Time is a collection of bite-sized stories from the perspective of David Hale Sylvester, a man who travels the world embracing people since losing his friend in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001,

One might expect such a collection of stories – most under 1000 words – to be somewhat superficial – how much intimacy can one expect from a brief encounter with a stranger?

But they aren’t.

Instead, they are snapshots of people’s reactions to a person whose mission in life is to plant seeds of love and kindness like a modern-day Johnny Appleseed.

The reactions to his mission range from suspicious to encouraging, and some inspire Dave much more than he inspires them.

Hugging over half a million people in 50 states and 42 countries isn’t easy, and after reading all of his snapshots, I am willing to bet that you will gain some clarity of the world and have a pressing need to embrace humanity as Big Dave does.

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