🏆 2019 BIBA™ Romance Winner!

Playing With Fire

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🏆 2019 BIBA™ Romance Winner! 

A frightening chain reaction begins during a four-alarm for firefighter Sera Cardoso. The tattoo decorating her chest warns her away from danger, but this time is different. Visions in the flames of a handsome stranger with whiskey-colored eyes haunt her. Later, when her punching bag smolders and the water in her shower turns to steam, Sera unwittingly breaches a divide between her world and a magical land called Wisteria.

Logan Blackwood is edgy and dangerously close to the end of his mating cycle. If he is unable to find his soul mate before three cycles of the moon, his life will be altered—forever. When the fiery Sera enters his life, he can hardly believe his luck. He’s waited a lifetime for her, but there’s a slight problem—she doesn’t seem to feel the same connection.

Sera is the element of Fire and is as hot and unpredictable as the flames she represents. Her decision to accept Logan into her life is the first of many she will need to face. With the help of the other elements, she is exposed to a world of magick and mystery. It will be up to Sera and her new friends to correct the imbalance in the elemental powers, before evil rules not only Wisteria, but Earth itself.


Careers for D.A. Henneman have run the gamut between Customer Service and Floral Design, but the one thing that she always comes back to, are the stories that keep her up at night. During a girl’s weekend at an undisclosed location, an idea for a series about four women with Elemental Powers was born. Infused with Fantasy, Romance, and the occasional Werewolf, her stories take the reader on a magical journey where things aren’t always as they seem.

Playing With Fire 2

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