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Zoey Chandler is popular, beautiful, and rich. Her most important achievement is that she is on the cheer squad. That is, until she accidentally is swept along on a crazy adventure with Austin, Kelly, and Scott. She discovers there is more to life than having a good hair day.

Their newest adventure takes them to a travelling circus where Zoey falls in love with a charming young man named Jesse who trains tigers. Kelly and Austin get closer as the teens learn new jobs and experience a lifestyle very different than they’ve ever known. But love is complicated, especially when there is a time change of almost a hundred years and Jesse is the target of a jealous killer.

If they can save him, how can Zoey make the difficult decision of whether to give up the life she knows and loves for a boy in a different time who has stolen her heart?

The TIME SHIFTERS series has won numerous awards and is written by USA Today and New York Times Best Selling Author Kathy Clark under the pen name of Bob Kat.

Praise for
Runaway Love

“The characters are the real crowning glory of the book. All vastly different, they are vividly portrayed in such a way that they really come to life in the imagination. You quickly come to recognise their various traits and what makes them happy, sad, or fearful. It is impossible not to care about each character and this really helps to draw the reader into the story. Even characters with a small supporting role feel real and fully fleshed out. The author has a real talent for characterisation. Adult readers will find themselves transported back to their high school years – experiencing again the joys of trials of first love, crushes, awkward self-consciousness, pride in achievements, dreams of the future, and flourishing new friendships that they might have thought they left behind long ago. It is so easy to empathise with the characters and they don’t seem at all simple or childish, despite their youth.” J Corcoran

“This series is a fantastic young adult read but definitely has some mature themes and scenarios that the characters go through.” JenacideByBibliophile

“This book brought back wonderful memories of going to the circus as a child. I loved the author’s detailed descriptions of the drudgery and danger of every day circus life. It balanced my view of how it was not all fun and games. The teens encountered life threatening events while changing the lives of several characters.” P Watts

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