🏆 2020 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Psychology Winner!

Scientific Introspection

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🏆 2020 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Psychology Winner! –

Scientific Introspection calls for psychologists to use introspection to investigate the mind. Remarkably, we have the ability to look inward at the workings of our minds with introspection. As far as we know, we are the only animal on the planet that can do that. It is foolish not to use this amazing gift to study the structure and functions of the mind.
Science has no way to observe the mind directly. Psychologists have to study the brain and behavior and guess what the mind is like. But why guess? A well-defined procedure of introspection with standardized reporting language is compatible with scientific observation. This book explains how it would work by overcoming common objections such as privacy, subjectivity, and reflexivity. Scientific Introspection is presented as a psychological tool and applied in a case study.

William X. Adams BIBA Winner!

Author William X. Adams

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