🏆 2020 BIBA® Children’s: Well-Being Winner!

Shout-Out To Self-Love

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🏆 2020 BIBA® Children’s: Well-Being Winner! (Ages 5-12) –

There is power in self-love! The love a child has for themself transforms to love for all!

Shout-Out to Self-Love!, is about children’s appreciation for who they are! Often, children believe that if they know how to spell a word, they will automatically know what it means. Instead of teaching children how to spell self-love, this is the ideal book to help children visualize the meaning of self-love from the perspective of children.

Shout-Out to Self-Love! tells the story of how children who take care of their minds, bodies, and souls contribute to self-empowerment. Every child is special, and we should always foster self-love. The celebration of all children, regardless of color, size, and background, highlights self-care.

The book includes a message page for parents, guardians, and educators on the value of encouraging children to love their various qualities and affirming that self-love is the greatest love.


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