🏆 2019 BIBA™ Historical Fiction Winner!

Sinner’s Cross

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🏆 2019 BIBA™ Historical Fiction Winner! 

In 1944, Sinner’s Cross was just a point on a map: a muddy track through shell-torn German woods. Worthless…except to the brass on both sides of the war, who are willing to sacrifice their best men to have it. Men like Halleck, a tough-as-nails Texan who traded driving cattle for driving soldiers; Breese, a phenomenal actor who can play any part but hero; and Zenger, the Nazi paratrooper who discovers Hitler’s Germany is a lousy place to grow a conscience. Their lives and deaths will intersect at the place called Sinner’s Cross.

Miles Watson 2019 Best Indie Book Award Historical Fiction Winner

Miles Watson

Actor | Writer | Prosthetic Makeup Artist

Miles Watson, son of a prominent Chicago journalist, took an early interest in writing and published his first short story at 17. He holds undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice and History and served in law enforcement for nearly ten years before moving to Los Angeles, where he has worked on such television shows as HEROES, CSI: NY, and TRUE BLOOD. A martial artist since his teens, he holds a black belt in White Tiger Taekwondo. He graduated from Seton Hill University with a Master of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction, and was the recipient of that program’s first-ever Endowed Scholarship. His critically-acclaimed first novel, CAGE LIFE, won ZEALOT SCRIPT’S BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD (2016) and the BEST INDIE BOOK AWARD (MYSTERY & SUSPENSE) for 2018.

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