🏆 2022 BIBA® Inspirational Memoir Winner!

The Accidental Virgin

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🏆 2022 BIBA® Inspirational Memoir Winner!

Seventeen-year-old Amanda grew up believing love conquers all. But when a brutal accident leaves her paralyzed, she struggles to reconcile her sensuality while trapped in a broken body.

From her first kiss and exploring the wonders of her body before the accident to feeling disconnected and bewildered by her paralysis while trying to date in college, Amanda Quisenberry’s The Accidental Virgin is a personal love letter to love. It is not until Amanda reconnects with one of her past loves that she begins to appreciate her body for what it is—“accidental virgin” and all—while continuing to explore what “disability” means for her future.

This memoir is not a typical “rising from tragedy” story. It details a rollercoaster journey from girlhood into womanhood while coping with the very tangible—but largely undiscussed—realities quadriplegia presents toward self-image, love, sexuality, and following one’s heart.

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