🏆 2022 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Self-Help Winner!

The Art of Inner Peace

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🏆 2022 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Self-Help Winner!

The Art of Inner Peace: The Law of Attraction for Inner Peace is your step-by-step guide to developing and maintaining inner peace, tranquility, and a calm spirit. This insightful and enlightening book can totally change your life! If you have struggled with anger, worry, fear, depression, or other challenging personal issues, The Art of Inner Peace will guide you in removing those low-energy thoughts, emotions, and limiting beliefs, and show you how to replace them and foster inner peace in your life.

Written by award-winning and bestselling author, Dr. Bohdi Sanders, this extraordinary book is THE Law of Attraction guide for your inner peace! This is the self-help book you have been waiting for. It has been called “life-changing, motivational, inspirational, outstanding, genius, and even a masterpiece!

In The Art of Inner Peace you will learn:

• Where Inner Peace comes from and How to Develop it in Your Life
• How to Always be Happy
• How to Live Your Life Your Way with Confidence
• How to Overcome Anger
• How to Control Your Emotions
• The Amazing Power of Gratitude
• How to Stay Calm in any Situation
• How to Live in the NOW
• How to Get Rid of Fear, Worry, and Stress in Your Life
• How to Harness the Power of Your Words
• The Phenomenal Power of Your Thoughts
• How to use Your Thoughts to Change Your Life
• The Astonishing Benefits of Meditation
• The 12 Laws of Karma & Inner Peace
• How to Develop Good Habits that Last Forever
• How to Cleanse and Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind
• And much, much more…

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