🏆 2021 BIBA® Illustration Winner!

The Bichir Handbook

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🏆 2021 BIBA® Illustration Winner!

The Bichir Handbook 8
Dorian NOËL
Scientific and naturalist illustrator

Naturalist and scientific illustration is one of the most rich and astonishing forms of communication. By combining scientific rigor with the infinity of artistic possibilities, this creative process makes it possible to create or recreate scenes and beings otherwise unapproachable.

Whether the subject is or was, the angle, the atmosphere, the frame, the tone, the protagonist and even the light can be adjusted to the purpose of the illustration. Using these technical opportunities, naturalist and scientific illustration also offers an aestheticism that distinguishes it from other more common forms of communication. The transmission of these ideas is then more pertinent.

I studied biology, ecology and ichthyology, but am also an aquarist and naturalist. These interests guided my gradual move towards scientific and naturalist illustration. I’m a self-taught illustrator, as it was initially a way of observing and learning. The simple act of looking and contemplating with so much attention to the details of an object allows us to know it with great intimacy. Scientific drawing offers this advantage, as one must pay attention, with great precision, to each aspect of the subject. My desire to transmit and communicate about wildlife continued to motivate my learning process through support for various conservation projects. The appeal of naturalist and scientific illustrations also lies in their tone, as they tend to evoke memories of original work by the first great naturalist expeditions of the 18th Century. Thus they allow a glimpse – as imaginary as it may be – into this age of explorers.

Today, I’m passionate about the creation and construction processes of an illustration. I use watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, ink, but also digital processes to represent the diverse lives of this world. If aquatic life is one of my favorite subjects, I do not limit myself to it and perpetually found the options of representing unique scenes or rare beings.
As I’m very sensitive to conservation issues, I like being able to give a meaning to each of my drawings.

The illustrations are made from direct observations, photographs, fossils, scientific publications and any other elements that allows me to reconstruct the subject or scene as accurately as possible. These works are carried out for the needs of scientific communication, illustrations for books and posters, or any other visual means of communication.

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