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The Bichir Handbook

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Bichirs are an enigmatic, ancient group of fishes which date back hundreds of millions of years. Their ancestors survived 4 mass extinction events, thriving during the age of the dinosaurs—and remarkably, they are still around today!

With contributions from both scientists and aquarists, The Bichir Handbook is an insightful and beautifully illustrated coffee table book; detailing everything you need to know about these unique, serpentine animals.

With contributions from biologists, paleontologists, ecologists, veterinarians and fishers, The Bichir Handbook explores everything from the identification for all fourteen extant species of the ancient family of freshwater fishes, Polypteridae, the most comprehensive delve into their aquarium husbandry, and some of the first reconstructions of never-before-seen extinct species of bichir. Whether you’re an aquarist, scientist, or someone just interested in natural history, this book will keep you turning the pages. Illustrated by award winning paleoartist and ichthyologist, Dorian Noël, every illustration is hand-painted to define their most identifiable features, in the best full colour illustrations of Polypteridae to date. This beautifully crafted publication contains stunning images of these living fossils, and infographics which will have you referencing back to for years!

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