🏆 2023 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Self-Help Winner!

The Legendary Quest

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🏆 2023 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Self-Help Winner!

Did you start your professional career after many years of training only to discover you are not sailing in the right direction?
Do you appear successful but feel stuck and want more fulfillment?
Do you have visceral discontent, despite receiving professional accolades?
Do you feel incomplete and unfulfilled, despite working hard?
Do you want to embark on an adventure toward personal mastery?

In The Legendary Quest, you will learn about what we often get wrong, in our personal and professional lives. Then, through the book’s models, concepts, investigations, and exercises, you will understand how to authentically achieve inner excellence, how to catapult yourself toward outer excellence in terms of success, leadership, and finance, and ultimately how to become the CEO of your life.

Dr. Ketan Kulkarni

I, Dr. Ketan Kulkarni, am a multiple international award-winning physician, researcher, finance and high-performance coach, an author, a passionate entrepreneur, an ardent advocate of financial literacy and independence with alternative income streams, an avid learner, a traveler, a photographer, an artist (and art enthusiast and antique collector) and a music buff. I live in Halifax, Canada. I have been featured in several international magazines.

After >125 publications and >160 abstracts presented globally, and committee work at the national and international levels, I have realized that academia is great but is not necessarily an end in itself. I saw that people, colleagues, and experts from all walks of life, regardless of their stage of career and their titles faced similar issues and were often burnt out. They were unhappy. They were not flourishing. Their “well-being” was not apparent. As well, I realized that professionals including physicians aren’t usually well-versed in business, leadership, and finance and often shy away from excellent money management.

Thus, evolved my vision to connect with, network, and collaborate with like-minded individuals who are interested in mastering their own lives and destiny. I wanted to learn as well as share my knowledge and experience and develop models that support a balanced, successful lifestyle, promote career longevity and satisfaction. I participated in several leadership training courses as well as self-learning over the last 4 years. Thereafter I completed the Dalhousie Executive Leadership Certificate course. More recently I obtained coaching certification (Life Coach School) and have been actively coaching busy professionals and early career professionals on a variety of platforms.

I am continuing to gain more skills and training in the area. While I am a passionate SELF (success, entrepreneurship, leadership, and finance) coach, I realize that outer excellence is a result of inner excellence. Well-being is supremely important. I have been able to develop several models based on a variety of resources and evidence to pursue and develop inner excellence followed by outer excellence that I’m happy to share.

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