🏆 2023 BIBA® Christian Young Adult Winner!

The Mental Fight of Your Life

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🏆 2023 BIBA® Christian Young Adult Winner!

Are you a young man looking for advice on marriage, relationships and love?

Look no further!

Are you looking to understand how to enter into a healthy relationship? Are you unsure what dating and marriage hold and want to learn?

The MENtal Fight Of Your Life offers the tools and advice needed to grow, understand, and stay together!

This book meets both men and women where they are on their relationship journey—using insights regarding masculine vs feminine roles. By speaking directly to young adult men as they mature, this guide shows how to be a real man, the importance of perseverance, the value in loving their wives, and how to understand and connect with the one they love.

Learn strategies for men that help them appreciate women’s needs and lessons for women about sacrificing for the sake of love!

With so much included in these pages, readers can gain a broader knowledge of relationships before embarking on their forever journey or have more insight should difficulties arise along the way!

No matter your current relationship status or questions; if you’re ready to invest in yourself, The MENtal Fight Of Your Life is a must-have guide that will help navigate any waters between loved ones!

Freddie Floyd Jr is an award-winning Author now on his third book. He captured the hearts of many with his unique style of writing. His first book, You Are Designed to Be Successful, hit #25 on Amazon’s bestseller list. He followed up a year later with his second book, God’s Gift Woman, which came out #1 for new releases on Amazon and soon made its way to the Bestseller list in its category. He is back with his latest book, The Mental Fight of Your Life. He has an ultimate goal to become a New York Times Bestselling Author.

When He is not writing, Freddie spends most of his time reading the word of God or other inspirational books, cooking, traveling, and spending much-needed time with the family. An admitted sports fanatic, He feeds his addiction to football by watching the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoons

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