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The Revelation Of Jack The Ripper

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How could a perfectly normal, upper-middle-class father become the Whitechapel fiend? Why did the carnage begin? Why did it stop? Jack tells the tale himself in this provocative novel.

The events described in the book are one hundred percent accurate in regard to all the known facts of the case. A case that for over a century has been meticulously researched but during which surprisingly little attention has been paid to the intricate involvement of Forbes Winslow.

But what is the book about? Well, it’s an examination of how a perfectly normal upper-middle-class family man can become a serial killer and, beyond that, it explores why so many mass murders, exterminations and genocidal atrocities have occurred throughout the blood-soaked history of humankind.

2019 BIBA Winner Alan Scarfe

Alan Scarfe

Alan Scarfe

Actor | Director | Writer

Alan Scarfe is a well known Canadian actor and director. Originally born in England, he emigrated to Canada and had a great career both in Canada and the United States. He was the former Associate Director of Canada’s Stratford Festival and the Everyman Theater in Liverpool. His film and TV credits include The Highlander, Stargate Atlantis, Lethal Weapon 3, Mysterious Island and The Outer Limits, to name just a few. Alan lived for a short time in Italy, where he was published and widely read.

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