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The Revelation Of Jack The Ripper

Author: Alan Scarfe



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🏆 2019 BIBA™ Winner! Must Read! 

How could a perfectly normal, upper-middle-class father become the Whitechapel fiend? Why did the carnage begin? Why did it stop? Jack tells the tale himself in this provocative novel.

The events described in the book are one hundred percent accurate in regard to all the known facts of the case. A case that for over a century has been meticulously researched but during which surprisingly little attention has been paid to the intricate involvement of Forbes Winslow.

But what is the book about? Well, it’s an examination of how a perfectly normal upper-middle-class family man can become a serial killer and, beyond that, it explores why so many mass murders, exterminations and genocidal atrocities have occurred throughout the blood-soaked history of humankind.

2019 BIBA Winner Alan Scarfe

Alan Scarfe

Alan Scarfe

Actor | Director | Writer

Alan Scarfe is a well known British-Canadian actor, director and author. Originally born in England, he immigrated to Canada and has enjoyed an extensive acting career in Canada, England, and the United States. He is also the former Associate Director of Canada’s Stratford Festival and the Everyman Theater in Liverpool.

If Alan looks familiar to you, there’s good reason. With his long career, of which he logs multiple appearances in film and television and has performed well over 100 stage roles across Europe and North America, you have undoubtedly seen him either on stage or screen. Some of his film and TV credits include Star Trek, Seven Days, The Highlander, Stargate Atlantis, Lethal Weapon 3, Mysterious Island and The Outer Limits, just to name a few.

Among his many acting awards, he can now count himself as an award-winning author, having won the BIBA Star in 2018 for his skill with scene-setting, and a BIBA in 2019 for his book The Revelation Of Jack The Ripper. Perhaps because he is the consummate actor and is well accustomed to becoming a character, Mr. Scarfe is very adept with the characters he develops in his books. His eye for detail and his sharp wit, along with a vast reservoir of knowledge, allows him the privilege of setting a scene with stunning finesse. Ripperologists across the globe will certainly appreciate the massive amount of research that went into Mr. Scarfe’s book The Revelation Of Jack The Ripper, and may well have more than one shiver as the author leads his hapless readers deep into the dark mind of the central figure in the story.


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