🏆 2021 BIBA® Children’s Illustrations: Whimsical/Stylized Winner!

Theodore And The Cat With The Missing Sock

Illustrator: Cory Q Tan

Author: Cory Q Tan

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🏆 2021 BIBA® Children’s Illustrations: Whimsical/Stylized Winner!

Cory Q Tan is an Award Winning Children’s Book Author who illustrates his own books. Or rather, an illustrator who writes his own stories, for he sees himself first as an artist, then a writer. He graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art (UK), trained in the fine traditions of lithography and etching, and his works had always had a strong illustrative and narrative quality. He always had a strong affinity for figurative and surrealist art, and Peter Breughel, Pablo Picasso and Japanese Anime Master Hayao Miyazaki count amongst his favourite artists.

He first came across the idea of becoming a children’s book author when he became a father at the age of 32, but it wasn’t until 11 years later that he finally produced his first children’s picture book– ‘A Very Special Cat’. Since then, he has gone on to produce 6 more books and is enjoying art making and story telling like never before!

A former art teacher, Cory has a huge passion for art history and enjoyed teaching it to his students. He has infused elements of art history in many of his books and through his books, he hopes to increase the awareness of well-known and less well-known masterpieces to his readers.

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