🏆 2022 BIBA® Non-Fiction: New Age/Women’s Self-Help Winner!

Throwing Thunder

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🏆 2022 BIBA® Non-Fiction: New Age/Women’s Self-Help Winner!

Do You Remember Your Wildness?

The presence of Thunder is a shock, a wake-up call of electrical ferocity, shaking something loose in us. As her feral energy echoes through our hollows, it excites a primal longing within us. We know we have the capacity to feel this vibrant, this free, and this confident.

Charged with introspective questions and journaling prompts, Throwing Thunder is an immersive journey into the heart of our confidence challenges, awakening the memory that unworthiness does not exist in the matrix of the living earth. An earth-based model of confidence reminds us of our innate enoughness, which exists despite our fears, flaws, and insecurities and the ways we try to separate ourselves from the wholeness of our being.

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