🏆 2022 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Spirituality Winner!

Where Are You?

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🏆 2022 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Spirituality Winner!

In Where Are You? A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Spirituality, Dan Ehrenkrantz leads you on a journey of transformation. Aided by wisdom from multiple traditions, the reader finds a spirituality that fits within every religion, and within no religion. Atheists and believers, the faithful and the rebellious, will all experience a taste of enlightenment. There is no dogma to be accepted, no ideas to be believed. Instead, readers are asked to place authority in their own experience.

The book is divided into two parts. Part 1 is designed to take you on a journey to spiritual awakening. Part 2 explores life from within the awakened state.

Where Are You? explores what it means to live from the enlightened perspective. When we come home to ourselves, we allow others to do the same. Spirituality is not an escape. It’s a prescription for living fully and bringing a loving presence to the world.

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