🏆 2021 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Self Help Winner!

Women, We’re Only Old Once

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🏆 2021 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Self Help Winner!

In this book, you will learn that growing old is not the slow death of our personalities, our bodies, or our relevance to the world. Someday, it will happen, but not yet! Feel the wisdom below the years we’ve lived and the power that comes with making our own choices about our aging selves. Women, We’re Only Old Once offers explanations for natural changes that occur while aging and transitions we must make as we age. Women will be relieved to learn that having less endurance or wording problems are not signs of disease. Women are empowered to put their energy and spirit where it counts on their journey in this important phase of life.

Bertha D Cooper BIBA Award 1

Bertha D Cooper

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