🏆 2023 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Academics/Teaching Winner!

Your New Journey: How to Thrive in Graduate School as a Person of Color

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🏆 2023 BIBA® Non-Fiction: Academics/Teaching Winner!

Higher education is not the most welcoming of places for students who are from an underrepresented community; however, as the world moves further into the twenty-first century, more of us are earning graduate degrees. Written informally, Your New Journey is a guidebook for students who are looking for tips from someone who has already successfully navigated through the pitfalls of earning a Master’s or Doctorate. Filled with personal anecdotes from the author, this book details how to prepare, apply, attend, and graduate while thriving in graduate school, along with additional information on resume writing and the numerous careers available for someone with a graduate degree.

Your New Journey: How to Thrive in Graduate School as a Person of Color is about you. How can you go about your journey through graduate school, and most importantly, what steps you can take at any point in your life to set you on that path. You will want to save and revisit this book throughout your life because of all the advice it offers.

Topics inside of this amazing book include:

How to apply to graduate programs
How to start and finish a Master’s or Doctoral degree
How to pass comps and other graduate school obstacles
How to prepare for and apply to jobs after graduation
How to deal with racism and place-ism in academia
Resume writing tips
Much, Much More!!!

AJ Cade is a retired United States Marine who earned two master’s degrees and a PhD, and he has worked for numerous organizations in the corporate realm, NGOs, and the federal government. AJ has toured universities across the United States, informing students from underrepresented groups what they need to know to get into and thrive within graduate school, and now he imparts that knowledge to you.

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