🏆 2023 BIBA® Children's Winner! (Middle Grade)


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🏆 2023 BIBA® Children’s Winner! (Middle Grade)

Gerbils are the smartest of all rodents, but they feel disrespected. They’ve never starred in children’s books, so you never hear about gerbils rescuing princesses, like Despereaux, or driving cars, like Stuart Little. And there’s no Mickey Gerbil.

One group of proud, free gerbils finds a way to change all that, and win respect from the rodent world. But it all depends on Joe, a ten-year old boy. His dad has just invented the Nanozap, a machine that can shrink anything to gerbil size, and open the way to a glorious future.

Can the gerbils get their paws on that machine? Even if they have to shrink Joe?

Prudence Breitrose was born in England and went to Girton College, Cambridge where she co-edited the student magazine Granta. She began her career in journalism, with stints in television, on a newspaper, and on children’s magazines. In California she switched to health education writing, persuading the public not to get heart disease. The first of her middle-grade novels, “Mousenet,” came about after a dream that confused computer mice with the real thing; the characters insisted on more books, so “Mousemobile” and “Mouse Mission” followed. Now she has switched from mice to gerbils with her new novel, “Zapped.”

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