BIBA Best Indie Book Award Literary Winners

Hendersonville, NC, April 09, 2019 — Independent authors in twelve genres have won this year’s prestigious Best Indie Book Award™, and one garnered a BIBA STAR for scene setting. Each of the thirteen award winners received a trophy for their writing efforts and the winning books are now on display at the organization’s official website.

Thirteen Lucky Winners of the 2018 Best Indie Book Award™ 1

Among this year’s winning authors are the actor and producer Matthew D. Hunt with his book Solar Reboot, actor and makeup artist Miles Watson for Cage Life, and well-known actor, Alan Scarfe for his entry of The Vampires of Juarez.

“We’ve seen a continuous rise in the quality of writing coming from the indie segment, making our job of picking a winner more and more difficult,” a member of the contest’s staff said. “Indie authors are really stepping up their game, which is great news for the millions of readers out there.”

Since 2013, the international Best Indie Book Award™ has honored over fifty outstanding independent authors from around the globe for literary excellence. Winners have come from a diverse array of backgrounds spread across several continents. Best Indie Book Award™ has received entries from not only the United States, but Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, and many other countries. And 2019 submissions continue to top previous records. Submissions are accepted at

“With millions of books to choose from on Kindle, at least readers can be confident in their selection of a BIBA™ winner,” says best-selling author, Donald Swan.

The full list of literary award winners can be found at their website:

Thirteen Lucky Winners of the 2018 Best Indie Book Award™ 2

About The Best Indie Book Award
The Best Indie Book Award™ (or BIBA™) is an annual literary award contest recognizing independent authors in major genres. Entries are limited to independently (indie) published books, including those from small presses, e-book publishers, and self-published authors.

Thirteen Lucky Winners of the 2018 Best Indie Book Award™ 3

The Best Indie Book Award™ is an international, self-published writing contest that accepts submissions from all countries. Entries must be written in English.



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