We can’t believe it’s that time of year already. Things are moving fast here in the BIBA office as the deadline for entry is almost upon us. If you have already entered your book this year, FANTASTIC!!! If you haven’t yet entered, we invite you to submit your book for consideration in the 2023 Best Indie Book Award contest. We love to see Indie authors getting the recognition they deserve for all their hard work, and we look forward to seeing your book in our contest. Join the excitement and come along with us as we push Indie authors higher.

Time is Running Out!

The 2023 BIBA Extended Entry Deadline is Sept 10th. Submit soon! And don’t forget about our Book Cover Awards or Illustration Awards either!

From all of us here at BIBA, we wish you a great 2023!

Here are a few of last year’s winners!

Time For Recognition 1
Time For Recognition 2
G. Egore Pitir
Best Award an Indie Author Can Receive! Thank you, Best Indie Book Award. I’m always so humbled by your relentless support of my efforts as a writer.
Alex BernsteinAlex BernsteinA Truly Awesome Experience! I wanted to (once again) express my gratitude to the entire BIBA team for winning one of last year’s Best Indie Book Awards for my last collection Miserable Adventure Stories. I think it’s highly likely that last year’s award caught Skyhorse’s attention and moved them to offer me a book deal for the series. And for that, I am extremely grateful to BIBA!Good luck with this year’s candidates! It was a truly awesome experience being one of last year’s winners!

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