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Become an Affiliate of Best Indie Book Award!

What Is An affiliate?

An affiliate account allows you to get paid for sending others to us. You can think of it as simply a referral system.

How Does It Work?

When you become an affiliate, we provide you with a unique link to use. When someone comes to our site using your link and then enters our contest, you get credit for that entry. We pay $5.00 for any entry that originated from your unique link.

How Do I Use The Special Link?

Simply use your unique link on your blog, when you post on social networks, in an ebook, or anywhere else you can come up with. As long as it complies with our terms.

For instance, you could be putting together a list of literary awards for indie authors. Instead of just using the website address, you could use the special link. If anyone clicks on the link and decides to enter, you get a $5 referral fee. If you mention us on social networks, just use your link.

Many companies have affiliate programs, even Amazon. Now you can join the Best Indie Book Award™ affiliate program and earn money just by using your special link.

Simply create your account, place an affiliate link on your website or social post, and get paid as your visitors enter their books in our contest.

Currently Closed To New Applicants