How to Obtain Files for Submission

*Note:  You only need this if you do not already have a mobi, PDF, ePub or Microsoft Word file of your book.

When talking about .mobi, .doc or .docx files, we are referring to file types or extensions. (For example:  In some cases, your computer may not show the file extensions.  In that case, it may be helpful to change your computer settings to allow it.  Usually, a computer will at least show specific icons for each different file type to help you identify them.

Here are some ways to obtain acceptable files for your book, if you do not already have them on your computer.

*If someone else handled the publication for you (small press or other service), they should have an electronic file. Try asking them. Or get it yourself:

.Mobi (Kindle files)

If you use Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) you can download a Kindle MOBI file from there.

  1. Log into KDP. (
  2. Click on “Bookshelf” at the top.

3. Click the “…” Button.

4. Click “Edit eBook Content.”

5. Scroll down to the Kindle eBook Preview section.

6. Click “Preview on your Kindle Device. (Or Preview on Your Computer.)”

7. Select “MOBI.” (Do not click HTML or you will get a ZIP file instead.)

8. A window may open asking to open or save file. Check “Save File” then “OK” and choose where to save it. Make a note of where you save it so you can upload or send the file for submission. (Windows computers may automatically save it to your Downloads folder.)

You can also download the HTML file for yourself if you wish. You can open it in Word then save it as a doc or docx.

If you use Smashwords

  1. Log in and go to your Dashboard.

2. Click on the book you need the file for.

3. Click the “mobi (Kindle)” button under Download the full version of his book.

4. Save the file to your computer, making note of where you saved it so you can upload it when entering. (Windows computers may automatically save it to your Downloads folder.)

.doc/docx (Microsoft Word)

You can create a Word file by downloading the HTML file from KDP. (See KDP section above) You can then open it in Word then save it as a doc or docx.

  1. From Word, use the open icon or menu, browse to the location of the HTML file and open it.
  2. Save the file as a doc or docx file.

If you had someone else edit the files or upload them to Amazon, Smashwords etc. then ask them to provide you with the files. It’s your book after all!