Writing Critique


Would you like some tips on how to improve your writing skills?

This critique/evaluation session offers guidance on how to take your writing to the next level! Each order is equivalent to a 1-hour coaching session, not to exceed more than 10 pages. You can choose to have your evaluation done via email or via telephone.

This is not a rewrite. This is like having a mini, one-on-one class on creative writing. We do the teaching/coaching, you do the rewriting in your own words and style to improve your creative writing muscle. We show you what isn’t working and offer suggestions on how to improve. (We do not line edit or rewrite the passages for you.)

How it works.  Make your payment and email ten pages to us.  You can submit any portion of your book, but if this is your first session, we prefer the first 10 pages of your book.  We want to see the opening pages first.  (We only accept .rtf, .doc. and .docx files.)

Please be advised that it may take 2-3 weeks to receive your evaluation.

$150 per hour.

Session Format * 

Would you prefer to have the critique done by phone or email. (If by phone, we will contact you about scheduling a time.)

File Upload

We only accept .rtf, .doc. and .docx files. *If you have any trouble uploading, simply submit the form without any files and then email the file to bestindiebookaward@gmail.com

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Disclaimer: Paying for a coaching session does not guarantee that you will win a BIBA, as BIBA is a legitimate competition, entrants change every year, and all book entries are judged fairly against the other entrants in any given category.