A Truly Awesome Experience!

Alex Bernstein

I wanted to (once again) express my gratitude to the entire BIBA team for winning one of last year’s Best Indie Book Awards for my last collection Miserable Adventure Stories. I think it’s highly likely that last year’s award caught Skyhorse’s attention and moved them to offer me a book deal for the series. And for that, I am extremely grateful to BIBA!

Good luck with this year’s candidates! It was a truly awesome experience being one of last year’s winners!

I highly recommend them!

“They are super friendly and a fantastic opportunity for my authors to submit their books for a chance to get noticed.”


“This is my first time trying Indie Book Awards but with so many awards in the market, we did the research and found this to be one of the most recommended!”


“BIBA seems to have its act together.”

Highly Recommended

“I was honored to win the 2017 Children’s Award, and ever since then BIBA has done an excellent job of maintaining a connection and supporting me (and all other) authors in incredible ways. They constantly retweet my big announcements and work and help to get the word out about most things that I do! I’m not sure if this is typical of indie book awards, but regardless it is incredibly supportive and kind. Highly recommend them for their support of indie authors!”